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Brent Cross West Station
Improving the pedestrian experience to and from the Station

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Scope: Wayfinding Strategy, Sign Design, Map Design, Production Artwork

Role: Worked on all aspects of the project, from start to finish.

Timeline: 2022, Completed

Team: 2 members 

DesignJD was commissioned to formulate a strategy to optimise the navigational experience around Brent Cross Cricklewood & Western Lands addressing the needs of all visitors, international, regional and local. This will be a fantastic opportunity to improve the immediate area as well as increase awareness of the Western Lands in the surrounding region.


This project is part of the London Borough of Barnet’s (LBB’s) major regeneration programme, known as Brent Cross Cricklewood, a 151-hectare area is being regenerated to provide approximately 7,500 homes, a new train station, a new high street and much more. I had the opportunity to get on board this project in November 2022, to execute a strategy focused on the new Brent Cross West Train Station and design signage with heads-up Wayfinding Maps and up-to-date information for the specific locations.


Through multiple site visits, the arrival, existing signage, land use, and relevant streetscape were documented and plotted on maps. Subsequent routes for pedestrians and cycle users were mapped. Strategy reports previously made for the wider area were consulted to decode the user feedback and key pain points were identified. This aided in the identification of the various degrees (primary, secondary and tertiary) decision points. Decision points, where guidance in route information was found necessary, laid the foundation for the identification of sign locations leading to and from the Station. The proposed signs comprised of Finger posts and Pedestrian Monoliths. 

Furthermore, an information board with maps (10-minute walking radius and immediate context) within the Station premises, in the corridor connecting the platforms for maximum visibility. In terms of signage design, the product design solution that we developed for the external Pedestrian Monoliths included two digitally printed trays which fit over a strong aluminium frame.  This results in an exceptionally uncluttered look and is very versatile while being economically priced. This allows for cost-effective updates, as the site was under constant development. Furthermore, the signs are anti-graffiti coated. This reduces the need to change signs, which would be unsustainable and inefficient.


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