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Wimborne Town Centre
Elevating a Town's experience through place-making strategies

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Scope: Audit, Wayfinding and Place-making Strategies, Implementation

Role: Working in all aspects of the project, from start to current stage.

Timeline: 2017 - 2018, 2023 - Ongoing

Team: 2 members 

Design JD was commissioned by Wimborne BID in 2017 to look into the implementation of a consistent wayfinding approach for Wimborne Minster. This solution was aimed at achieving an easier, navigatable town centre, improved visibility and connections to Car Parks, and increased awareness of the town and its heritage, ultimately improving the experience in the Town. The project, although started in 2017, has now gained momentum post-COVID.


We were originally tasked to develop a comprehensive wayfinding strategy for vehicle and pedestrian users. Owing to budget constraints and Covid, the project is now implemented in phases, the first phase being a well-rounded pedestrian-focused wayfinding scheme aimed at improving the footfall in the Town and encouraging visitors to nearby shopping centres and attractions to stop and visit the town centre and experience everything it has to offer.

Along with a clear wayfinding strategy to improve the visibility of the town and the experience of locals and visitors, we were tasked with highlighting the town’s old architectural marvels, markets and tourist destinations. 


For this scheme, we focused on the town centre and its connection to the Industrial Estate nearby. Decision-making around the locations of signs is based on where the need for guidance and confirmation is felt. Furthermore, care was taken to replace existing infrastructure, remove/avoid clutter and minimise street works due to the heritage status of the town. Based on the requirements, a sign family was devised, including: / Welcome Monolith (Industrial Estate) / Pedestrian signage:   Monoliths, Information Points, Finger Posts, Directional wall signs / Information Board / Estate Signage:   Directory

Prior to production, we conducted a site visit with officials from the BID, Highways and the sign manufacture company to ascertain the best possible accurate locations based on feasibility, ground conditions, services etc. Recommendations were made to respective businesses and town officials to remove obstructions in the way.  The product design solution that we developed included a glass totem design made of removable facets. This allows for cost-effective updates as the Town develops. Doing this reduces the need to change signs, which would be unsustainable and inefficient.

The wayfinding scheme included a brand-new colour palette that enabled the sign products to stand out from the environment. The shape and form of the signs are sharp and crisp to suite the environment and aesthetic of the town.

The Wayfinding Map was designed to suit the look and feel of the town, drawing inspiration from its timelessness and stone masonry work. Heads-up mapping was executed for all sign locations, with Information Board and Pedestrian Monolith sign types, to provide accurate information in the most accessible, easy-to-read way. A new set of pictograms were designed to complement the map and to aid recognition.  

All identified landmarks, destinations, services, transport and parking infrastructure are included along with water refill and bike hire stations - to encourage and improve the overall experience for more on-foot traffic.

Next Steps include: / Artwork Production (ongoing) / Manufacture / Installation and Contingency

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