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Travel Palette
A visual recall of visited countries on 4" x 4" canvases

Graphic design, 4" x 4" canvases and acrylic paints used as medium to depict various countries

Scope: Illustration, Semiotics

Role: Personal project, worked on all aspects

Timeline: 2018

Medium: Acrylic on canvas (4" x 4")​

In this Commissioned project, I represented regions based on the cultural and geographical context. It was challenging to articulate a visual recall of a particular region in a 4" x 4" canvas with these two parameters, for example, while studying and researching Japan, I looked at its people and how they live, its history, and its significance. I found the 'Floating Torii Gate' as a perfect representation of what Japan is as a region with its cultural and spiritual significance and why it is known as the land of the rising sun.

Other Projects


ABCs with Krishna

A children's storybook based on Hindu mythology

Poste 2.png

Learning Pieces

Paper cut montages on highlights of Chennai, an Indian city 



A graphic study on the liminal state of mind

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