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Brand + package design for traditional dishes from "God's own country"

Scope: Branding, Package design

Team: Personal project

Timeline: 2022

Nadan foods Branding-08_edited.jpg
Nadan foods

Inspiration is taken from the kitchens of Kerala households, the traditional art forms, and the rustic display of delicacies in our local “chaaya kada” around the corner. This has been taken into account for the Packaging and colour swatch.

The USP of this brand would be its authentic flavour and preparation, synonymous to our snacks made with family recipes passed down for generations. This forms the foundation for new and improved takes on contemporary cuisines. The elephant represents the same. Wisdom, strength and physical prominence, all imbibed in the culture of Kerala.

Nadan foods Branding-08-11_edited.png
Nadan foods Branding-08-10_edited.png

Inscribed in a circle, this curvature also represents the nature of the malayalam script.  




This shape also enables the logo being used efficiently in all packaging and merchandise formats.

The name chosen needed to be simple, catchy, easy to remember and also synonymous with the land. From the native line “ nalla naadan chips aanallo” (translation: Ah, such authentic traditional chips!", what else captures the emotion perfectly than to name the brand just that. Bonus points for it being a palindrom, making it a uniform design. 

Nadan foods Branding-08-11_edited.png
Nadan foods Branding-08-12_edited.jpg
Nadan foods Branding_edited.jpg
Nadan foods Branding-08-14_edited.jpg
Nadan foods Branding-14_edited.jpg

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