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A graphic study on the liminal state of mind

Scope: Illustration, Graphic Study, Semiotics

Role: Personal project, worked on all aspects

Timeline: 2020

Medium: Ink on paper (manual sketches), Procreate (digital sketches), Canon 550D (photography)

This is a self-led project on Liminality - I am intrigued by how social distancing and lockdown have affected human beings. I have been following various news articles and social media on how it affects us mentally. So I set out to understand and learn how we as humans use the environment around us.

In this project, I tried applying the concept of semiotics to a scene and then illustrating it based on what I saw. I studied the liminal state of mind concerning people and spaces. It was to understand the concept of lateral thinking in terms of the state of mind of the subject in their environment. ​

Recent Projects

Nadan foods Branding-08-14.png


Brand + Package design for traditional dishes from "God's own country"

Screenshot 2024-05-11 at 9.13.46 PM.png

Brent Cross West Station

Improving the pedestrian experience to and from the Station

Screenshot 2024-05-20 at 10.24.17 AM.png

Wimborne Town Centre

Improving the town's visibility by leveraging its heritage

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