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Learning Pieces
Paper cut montages on highlights of Chennai, an Indian city

Scope: Photography, Graphic Design

Role: Personal project, worked on all aspects

Timeline: 2019

Medium: Canon 550D (photography), Photoshop (digital montages)

As a pre-cursor to the Ephemeral Project, I looked at four neighbourhoods in Chennai, India - Royapuram, Triplicane, Chintadripet and Nungambakkam. While Nungambakkam is a new settlement, the other three are older than the city. I used photography to document the neighbourhoods and the photographs were then shortlisted to make a montage that best captured the essence of the place. 

The four papercut montages of the neighbourhoods


Chintadripet — conceived as a ‘village of small looms’ — as a village planned by the British for the weaving community to settle. The construction for which began in 1734. None but spinners, weavers, painters, washers, and dyers, with priests and attendants for the temple, were admitted to the new village. Around 230 weaver families settled here to produce more cotton for export.

Today, the area is facing challenges that are common to old parts of the city, which were originally designed for a different way of life.


A papercut montage on the Chintadripet neighbourhood

Other Projects



A graphic study on the liminal state of mind

Screenshot 2024-05-26 at 10.21.52 AM.png

PhonePe Experiences

Place-making through art for the PhonePe Headquarters

Nadan foods Branding-08-14_edited.jpg


Brand + Package design for traditional dishes from "God's own country"

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