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Ephemeral Spaces
Studying the transformation of historic public places

Scope: Spatial Analysis, Investigative Learning, Editorial

Role: Personal project, worked on all aspects

Timeline: 2019

Medium: Ink on paper (manual sketches), Procreate (digital sketches), Canon 550D (photography)

In this project, I studied the transformation of public spaces through visual research, interviews and documentation. I attempted to understand how Architecture has influenced people's interactions and vice-versa. For this self-guided project, I chose Triplicane.

Triplicane a.k.a Thiruvallikeni is one of the oldest mother villages of Chennai, which spread from a central node – the temple complex.​ With the influx of population from neighbouring territories, a new typology of public spaces-"marketplaces" came into being in the early 17th century. Over time, with reducing ground space and the increasing need to capitalize on basic needs, interactions were confined within privatized public spaces like malls.​

I walked around the town centre to document historic public spaces that have been used for centuries to see - what it has become and what remnants of the past remain.

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