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Better Off!
Using gamification to encourage teenagers to spend more time outdoors

Scope: User Research, Prototyping, Usability Testing​

Role: Initial stages of project (User Research & Analysis, Conception, Prototype) done as a team.​ Useability Testing and Iterations were done independently. Contributed my design skills in producing prototypes and story boards.

Duration: 5 weeks

Team: Team of 4​ (Other 3 members from Psychology background)


This App conceptualisation + design was done as part of the "User Experience and Design" module at Loughborough University during my Masters in Ergonomics and Human Factors. This application aims to aid teenagers in moderating their phone usage.

47% of parents believe their teenager has a smartphone addiction
89% of parents take responsibility for their child’s cell phone usage

33% of teens spend more time socializing online rather than in-person
52% of teens sit in silence for long periods, on their smartphones, while hanging out with friends

The issue of excessive phone use among teenagers is multifaceted. The need for social interaction and making friends, fear of missing out on social events and news, seeking entertainment and distraction, the release of dopamine associated with smartphone use, a decline in interest in other activities, and the experience of phantom vibration syndrome - all contributory factors to this misuse.


It is essential to address and intervene in these concerns impacting not only family interactions but also the mental and emotional well-being of the individuals involved.


“Teenagers spend a lot of time on their phone and their parents

would like to encourage them to do a broader range of activities”